New Exercise Discoveries For Diabetes

New Exercise Discoveries for Diabetes

You, of course, do both aerobic and resistance exercises.  Some people, however, skip the resistance exercises and others skip the aerobic exercises.  Is this wise?  And which should be done first?  Does it matter?

Two recent articles in Diabetes Care in April 2011 attempted to answer these questions.  The first study looked at the metabolic effects of performing one type of exercise before the other in patients with type 1 diabetes.  The scientists, from multiple centers in Canada, found that it does make a difference.   Subjects did 45 minutes of running before or after 45 minutes of weight lifting.  Those who did the weight lifting first were found to have much more stable blood glucose levels during and after the aerobic exercise.  They also have less frequent and less severe hypoglycemia after the exercise.

In a second study from Verona, Italy, patients with type 2 diabetes were put on a regimen of either aerobic exercise or weight training.  Both groups exercised 3 times per week for 60 minutes for 4 months.  Of course, the aerobic group ended up with more long-term stamina and the weight training group ended up stronger.  But the hemoglobin A1c was lowered the same in both groups, as were fat stores and insulin sensitivity.

Take Home Message: The effects of aerobic training and resistance training are different, are both highly beneficial, it’s better to do resistance training first, and my opinion is that doing both is at least twice as good as doing one or the other.

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