Podcast: The Unrestrained American Drug Industry

This healthcast is about the American drug industry, how it promotes its new expensive drugs and benefits from the laws that are supposed to protect you and me.

In this healthcast you will learn:

  • Why new more expensive drugs that are no better than the older cheaper drugs are being prescribed so much more frequently
  • How the drug industry convinces the public to demand drugs from their doctors and doctors to prescribe them
  • What kind of reforms are needed to put a lid on this major contributor to the cost of health care

For an excellent reference on this subject, get the book, “The Truth About the Drug Companies: How they Deceive Us and What To Do About It” by Marcia Angell.

Length: 12 minutes

Please note:
The advice in these Healthcasts is no subsititue for the advice of your own physician. You should make no changes in your medical care based on this advice before checking with your physician.

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