Ten Commandments For Avoiding High Blood Pressure

You can do a lot to prevent high blood pressure. These are just some of the more important steps you can take to avoid getting it and its complications.

  • Make sure you have it in the first place. There are many ways by which a mistaken diagnosis can be made. See Chapter 2 in my book.
  • Find out if you have secondary high blood pressure. This is high blood pressure caused by another disease such as kidney disease and can often be cured by correcting the other disease.
  • Give up tobacco and excessive alcohol. One cigarette is too many and more than 10 drinks a week for a man or 5 for a woman is too many.
  • Reduce salt in your diet. Most of the salt in food is put there by the food manufacturers so read food labels.
  • Adopt the DASH diet. This is a diet that emphasizes fruits and vegetables. See chapter 9 in my book.
  • Lose weight if your body mass index is greater than 25.
  • Start an exercise program. You can walk for a half hour each day and lower your blood pressure. It will raise your self-esteem, improve your balance and enhance your memory at the same time.
  • Try a mind-body technique. Some people respond well to yoga, meditation or biofeedback.
  • Avoid drugs that raise blood pressure. Diet drugs and several of the drugs used to treat the common cold will raise blood pressure as will steroids.
  • If all else fails, get the right treatment with medications. There is no case of high blood pressure that can’t be controlled with the right drugs. See chapter 13 in my book.

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