Reader Feedback From Dr. Rubin’s Dummies Books

Just read your book Diabetes for Dummies. It is the best book I have read on Diabetes. It was just what I was looking for. It kept my interest. I have read a lot of material on diabetes that was boring and difficult to enjoy. I will certainly inform my Internist about this book. As a nurse and now patient with diabetes it has enlightened me. It is a must read for the diabetic community. Thank you Dr. Rubin!
Nancyann Linzy, RN, Richmond, Virginia

Dr. Rubin: I would sincerely like to thank you for Diabetes For Dummies. I must tell you that I have used it until it is dog eared, and it still retains its value. Wow, I would highly recommend it to everyone who has diabetes, new and old. Again thanks for caring!
Bob La Cross, San Diego, California

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